Vehicle Overview

As you would expect, our 2009 Sprinter is an evolution of the minibus that came before it, but it now has a host of advanced connectivity technology, while features from the Mercedes-Benz car range have migrated across to the Sprinter, too.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has won countless awards, has legions of loyal customers and has improved like a fine wine through more than 20 years of gradual refinements.

The 2009 model is no exception. In the current digital age the Sprinter, a humble minibus, is trying to keep up with the trends by adding connectivity and voice control to its repertoire of talents.

The 2009 Sprinter name is synonymous with the large van class, and the new model is more versatile than ever to cater for almost every need in the large van class.

Be it rush hour, a long night drive or on an unfamiliar route – your Sprinter takes the strain. This is based on an idea that all our vehicles embody, and which makes every journey in a Mercedes unique: Intelligent Drive. Time to relax, rest and unwind, so you reach your destination not just safely, but refreshed!

19 Passengers
19 Bags

19 passengers


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